Some tips to improve your performance in bed

If you want to surprise your partner, take him to 7ᵉ heaven in bed or you just want to be an axis in bed, you have come to the right place. Discover in this article some tips to improve your performance in bed. Control your emotions Indeed, it’s normal to feel anxious or afraid of not being good before sex. However, it is best to step back from the issue and calm down. Fear of failure or anxiety is a very powerful anaphrodisiac that can quickly ruin your abilities. To this end, you must learn to control your fear and these emotions. Because emotions will not help you. The same goes for overexcitement. When you are too excited about having sex, you may not be very good at it. This is why it is best to control yourself. Also note that stress, fear or anxiety can affect your morale and prevent you from getting a good hard-on. In addition, they can lead to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or even worse, make you get a limp. Be healthy Note that your performance in bed de... See more

How to make a woman come?

During a sexual relationship, the objective of both partners is to come. For the woman, orgasms are the symbol of this enjoyment. So if you are having trouble doing this with your partner or you want to multiply this pleasure in the woman, then stay wired. Here are some tips on how to make a woman cum. You have to listen to your body Indeed, each woman’s needs and desires differ. So, if you want to make your partner climb to 7ᵉ heaven, you have to listen to her body. This would mean that in order to make her cum, you have to get to know her body. You have to know which parts of her body are sensitive, how to make her vibrate just by touching her, and how she reacts when you touch this or that part of her body. During penetration too, you need to look for her G-spot and also know her favorite positions. Fulfilling those desires and fantasies If you really want to make your partner cum, you have to play her game. Your priority must be her. You have to perform everything she asks to... See more

Top 3 best sex positions to stimulate the G-spot

If you want to get your partner to reach 7ᵉ heaven, you need to take steps that promote this goal. To this end, the G-spot is the organ that stimulates this feeling in women. For this, discover in this article a top 3 of the best sexual positions to stimulate the G-spot. The Magpie position This position is very simple to perform and doesn’t really require any effort. For this, you’ll need a shapely chair or a fairly sturdy bed ledge to practice it on. Then your partner will have to sit on top of you, already sitting on the chair for penetration. Then, the body of the latter should be close enough to yours to facilitate penetration. This position allows, to reach the G-spot easily and to facilitate vaginal penetration in women. The Wheelbarrow Position This is a very exciting position that facilitates penetration and allows you to reach your partner’s G-spot very easily. In addition it is not too complicated a position to adopt, you just need to be able to keep your p... See more

Some benefits of sex for men

Practising sex from time to time does a lot of good for your health, both physically and mentally. The benefits of sex are therefore numerous in the lives of men. To this end, find out in this article, some of the benefits of sex in a man’s life. Fight against depression and stress Indeed, having sex from time to time, helps to reduce stress and keeps one in a good mood. It also helps to fight against depression. Practising sex often and especially having orgasms helps to stay in a good mood and maintains mental health. Boosts the immune system If by having sex the body secretes more white blood cells, cells that ensure the protection of our body from batteries and viruses, then this is the proof that sex is good for physical and also mental health. In addition, when we have sex, we also secrete endorphins and dopamine, two substances that make us feel good too. To make a long story short, practicing sex, helps to improve the immune system. Improves cardiovascular activity Sex is... See more

How to boost your libido?

Having carnal desires is a completely natural thing, but not having any at all is still serious, even dangerous. For this, it is essential to know how to manage your libido. Thus, when it is too much, you must know how to control it and when it falls, you must know how to boost it. To this end, discover in this article some tips to boost your libido. Practice aromatherapy Indeed, there are fragrances or aromas that can increase sexual desire in men or women. Moreover, having an active sexual life is very important and when you lack it, it can lead to health problems. To this end, it is recommended to maintain your libido. To do this, you can use aromatic oils that act as aphrodisiacs and stimulate sexual desire. As an aromatic stimulant, you can opt for oil made from ginger, ylang-ylang or made from Damask rose. Consume natural aphrodisiacs Note that to improve sexual performance or to boost your libido, consuming aphrodisiacs can help. Indeed, aphrodisiacs possess the greening of your... See more

How do you create the right atmosphere for a session of solitary pleasure?

Intimate exploration alone is a personal experience that can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling. However, to make the most of these intimate moments, atmosphere and environment play a vital role. Creating an atmosphere conducive to a solitary pleasure session can not only enhance pleasure, but also promote relaxation, self-discovery and personal growth. In this article, we’ll explore how to create the ideal atmosphere for an intimate, solitary experience. Choosing accessories and materials First and foremost, you need to shop around! The accessories and materials you choose could greatly enhance your solitary pleasure by stimulating your senses. Opt for textures that are pleasant to the touch, such as satin or silk sheets, which can intensify the sensations on your skin. You can also use accessories such as feathers, eye masks or scented massage oils to add a sensory dimension to your experience. Alternatively, using sex toys can be an exciting way to explore new sensations... See more

Criteria for choosing a camgirl site

Today, being a camgirl is considered one of the most profitable professions. So, to become a camgirl, it’s important to choose your site carefully. To do so, it’s advisable to take a number of criteria into account. In this article, we’ll talk about the criteria for choosing a camgirl site. The model To choose camgirls site, you first need to prioritize the business model. You can choose between the freemium and premium camgirl models. With the former, shows are public, so any viewer can attend. Otherwise, it’s a free model, as the name suggests. Here, camgirls are paid by the tips they receive from visitors. In the premium model, however, everything is done privately, so you have to pay to attend. The camgirls are paid directly by the visitor for the private show. It’s worth noting that the freemium model is becoming increasingly popular, as many people prefer it. However, the best way to choose the right model is to try out both. Popularity The second fa... See more